Sign Up to Play to Earn $WHIVE coins by answering 1,000 questions on:
  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Decentralized Finance
  4. CPU Mining and Proof-of-Work
  5. Coin Staking and Proof-of Stake
  6. Peer-to-Peer  Crypto-currency trading
  7. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs
  8. Crypto-currency Regulations
  9. Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs
  10. Whive
  11. FIFA World Cup (Bonus)
Step 1:  To Start Playing Sign Up on nyukia.ai
You shall receive an email with instruction on how to verify your account and start playing.
Step 2: Instructions to Start Playing on Discord!
  1. Go to the Trivia Play2Earn Telegram OR Discord Channel 
  2. Download your $WHIVE wallet of choice here; Desktop | Mobile
  3. Generate your Whive Address in the Receive section of the Wallet
  4. Verify your account using the /verify command in the Trivia Play2Earn Discord Channel you will need your Email & Whive wallet address generated above to be verified.
  5. You will receive a code on your email, use the /verify_code command to complete verification
  6. You can earn more points by playing the Trivia with the /play command. Answer as many questions as possible to win
  7. Check your stats with the /mystats commandWinners will earn Points for every correct answer and lose Points for every wrong answer.
  8. Points can be withdrawn for $WHIVE coins using the /withdraw command
Step 4: Referrals – Refer2Earn
  1. Players can earn more $WHIVE by referring other to play.
  2. Type /referral to view your referral link
All Game Commands
  • /play
  • /withdraw
  • /verify
  • /verify_code
  • /mystats
  • /referral
  • /update_wallet
  • /pause
  • /unpause
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