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About Nyukia


Nyukia is a metaverse dedicated to the principles of sustainability. The “Nyukiaverse” is inspired by the inner workings of bees(Nyuki). The bee is a symbol of gentle and aggressive strength, a global icon for sustainable activities, biodiversity conservation, economical efficiency, and ecological integrity.

The HaPeeBees are an endearing collection of non-fungible tokens with built-in programmable location-specific incentives), optimized to favour places with a higher solar reliability index, a property found only on the Whive Protocol and Blockchain.

Nyukia NFTs will reside on the Ethereum Network. Obtaining your HaPeeBee NFT will assist underprivileged communities in gaining access to clean energy, developing resilient livelihoods, promoting ecological protection, and accelerating the spread of renewable energy. 5% of earnings in the Nyukiaverse shall be allocated to support Green projects under the Sustainable World Initiative known as the SWI Foundation to be launched in 2022.

Stage One

The HaPeeBee Collection - The Initial 7


Q2 2022

White-Glove Concierge Miner Onboarding for NFT Holder:

This is a private Discord Membership Club for HaPeeBee NFT holders onto solar mining of coins by setting up a CPU based mining Node which uses the Whive protocol

Q3 2022

Launch of Melanin Academy Course Platform:

NFT holders shall be provided with an interactive web-based curriculum and training platform for Crypto, Solar Mining and NFT creation at www.melanin.academy

Q4 2022

Launch of Sustainable World Initiative (SWI) Foundation:

Five percent of the NFT proceeds will be donated to the Sustainable World Initiative (SWI) to fund Green projects run by Indigenous communities globally such as the Maasai in Kenya, Watch documentary here www.melanin.solar

Q1 2023

Launch of Melanin Smart-Miner and NFT based Discount Coupons:

The HaPeeBee Collection Holders can use the NFTs as a Discount Coupon to access the Melanin.Solar Smart-Miner that shall enable them to mine $WHIVE rewards with sustainable energy resources such as Solar


Our Projects

Mine $WHIVE to Mint NFTs

The Whive protocol is an open-source; proof-of-work blockchain protocol that is rewarding the building of sustainable and distributed energy solutions through the Yespower consensus algorithm.

The Whive protocol is built to allow for only small computer processor CPU mining and is resistant to both medium scale mining(GPU) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) high scale mining. 

Upon realizing the difficulties associated with mining high-scale cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, mainly due to their high energy efficiency, maintenance and purchase of rig costs especially in most rural parts of the world, the Whive developers designed and optimized an  improved CPU-friendly protocol. 

This means that one can now easily mine Whive rewards with small gadgets including PCs and smartphones without breaking a sweat and more importantly, the bank.

Using their CPU power to mine $WHIVE coins, players shall soon me able to mint their own NFTs unlocking more indigenous HaPeeBees in the Nyukiaverse.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYUP1O_Gb0Q


MarketCap USD: $78,095.00

Price USD: $0.003007

Price BTC: $0.00000014

Circulating Supply: 25,971,000


  • A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital token based on blockchain and crypto-currency technology that cannot be replicated as it has a unique value as a result of being identified and notarized on a distributed ledger that can be verified and audited in real-time by third-parties.

The HaPeeBee Collection of 7 NFTs start dropping from 22/02/2022

The Nyukia Metaverse is a virtual space on the internet that is being created to empower indigenous communities around the World through NFTs and Stories that represent them.

The Nyukiaverse is currently supported by the  Melanin Solar and Kanairo projects. They shall drive both the creation of more indigenous NFTs as well as implementation of the NFT as coupon for sustainable energy solutions. The Nyukiaverse is powered by the Whive protocol.

The Nyukiaverse shall allow creatives from indigenous communities to co-create and mint their NFTs raising awareness and funding for sustainable projects within their communities.

Get your Nyukia NFT and wait for the launch of the Nyukia platform in 2022.

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