Welcome to the Nyukia.com Trivia Play2Earn Game, Play Here

  1. Earn $WHIVE by answering questions on: 

  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum & Whive

  3. CPU Mining & Solar-mining

  4. NFTs & the Nyukiaverse

  5. Sustainability & Green Energy

Step 1:  Join the Nyukia Play2Earn Discord Channel

  1. Join other of players on our discord channel. https://discord.com/invite/xRVP8CaDAs
  2. Start playing and win our weekly prize. For more instructions on how to play and earn $WHIVE follow the instructions below

Step 2: Instructions – Play2Earn

  1. Go to the Trivia Play2Earn Discord Channel 

  2. Wait for game to be activated to start playing

  3. Answer as many questions as possible to win. 

  4. Winners will earn Points for every correct answer and lose Points for every wrong answer. 

  5. Points can be withdrawn for $WHIVE coins

  6. We also have weekly NFT  giveaways to top Players. 

Step 3: Rewards – How to get a $WHIVE Wallet Address

  • Download your $WHIVE wallet of choice at whive.io/wallet

  • Generate your Whive Address in the Receive section

Step 4: Referrals – Refer2Earn

  1. Players can earn more $WHIVE by referring other to play. 

  2. Type /referral to view your referral link

  3. Feel free to share this referral link with your followers to earn $WHIVE 

  4. You will receive 1 $WHIVE for each referral who joins the game

  5. You will receive 10% of winnings of Players you refer

Step 4: Minting – Earn2Mint

You can use your earned $WHIVE to mint our Hapeebee NFT. 

Swap $WHIVE to Polygon $MATIC and buy ANY of the Nyukia HaPeeBee NFTs to Join the Private Club 

All our NFT holders shall get access to.

  1. NYUKIA PRIVATE DISCORD MEMBERS CLUB – That gives you access  to other NFT holders and miners in our private discord channel.

  2. MELANIN ACADEMY COURSE MATERIAL – that gives access to an interactive web-based curriculum for CPU Mining($WHIVE), NFT, Solar Energy and Sustainability. 

  3. MELANIN SMART MINER – that gives you aDiscount to the Melanin Solar Smart-Miner that shall enable you to mine from the comfort of your home with your solar and renewable energy.

  4. NYUKIA SMART VILLAGES – that gives access to our smart village communities where you can interact with indigenous communities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable projects.