Welcome to the Nyukia.com Trivia Play2Earn Game, Sign Up to Play2Earn Here
You shall Earn $WHIVE coins by answering questions on: 
  1. AI – Artificial Intelligence
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Ethereum
  4. Decentralized Finance
  5. CPU Mining and Proof-of-Work
  6. Coin Staking and Proof-of Stake
  7. Peer-to-Peer  Crypto-currency trading
  8. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs
  9. Crypto-currency Regulations
  10. Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs
  11. FIFA World Cup (Bonus)
Step 1:  To Play Join the Nyukia Play2Earn Telegram OR Discord Channel
  1. Join the Whive Community Telegram OR Discord first; whichever you prefer.
  2. To start playing you will need to VERIFY your account join the Trivia Play2Earn BOT Channel here; Telegram_Bot_Channel OR Discord_Bot_Channel and go to Step 2 below to get a Whive Wallet Address to Store your Coins.
Step 2: Rewards – How to get a $WHIVE Wallet Address
  1. Download your $WHIVE wallet of choice from these 3 Options here; Desktop | Mobile | Exchanges
  2. Generate your Whive Address in the Receive section of the Wallet
Step 3: Instructions to Start Playing on Discord!
  1. Verify your account using the /verify command in  Channel you will need your Email & Whive wallet address (Get Whive Address in Step 2) to be verified
  2. Authenticate your Email address using the /verify_code command; you shall get an authorization code sent to your Email address
  3. You can earn more points by playing the Trivia with the /play command. Answer as many questions as possible to win
  4. Winners will earn Points for every correct answer and lose Points for every wrong answer. 
  5. Points can be withdrawn for $WHIVE coins using the /withdraw command
  6. We also have Weekly NFT  giveaways to top Players
    Step 4: Referrals – Refer2Earn
    1. Players can earn more $WHIVE by referring other to play. 
    2. Type /referral to view your referral link
    3. Feel free to share this referral link with your followers to earn $WHIVE 
    4. You will receive 1 Point for each referral who joins the game
    5. You will receive 10% of winnings of Players you refer